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“True karate is this: that in
daily life one’s mind and

body be trained and
developed in a spirit of
humility, and that in
critical times, one be
devoted utterly to the
cause of justice.”
– Gichin Funakosh

“Originally this was the
most important thing
about martial arts – to
reach a higher level, to
become a strong human
being. Strong doesn’t
mean big arns. It means
who can be a more strict
human being with himself.
That is the ideal of martial
– Tsutomu Ohshima

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information about our
dojo, please contact us.

Our dojo is a member of Canada Shotokan Karate, a non-profit organization teaching traditional karate-do in Canada since 1972. Canada Shotokan Karate offers authentic, high quality martial arts instruction to the public and is devoted to teaching karate at its highest level, as a martial art and as a way of life.

Canada Shotokan Karate has many dojos in Canada and is affiliated with national Shotokan organizations in 13 countries including the United States, France, Israel, Japan, Spain and Switzerland.

The Burnaby Shotokan Karate Club welcome adults and children age 8 and over. Beginners are always welcome. Class structure allows for the admittance of new students at any time of the year. Beginners are always welcome. Regardless of your age, sex, or current physical condition, you can begin karate practice and enjoy it.

Through serious martial arts practice, we can learn to face ourselves strictly and show our best spirit in all situations.